Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Week 7

The last meeting of April, and it's another beautiful day. We had hoped to have a mass planting session in the Parent's Room, but our large bag of compost hadn't arrived. Fortunately, we had a back-up plan.

The potatoes we planted last week have already begun to sprout leaves. We need to keep covering the 'haulms' with compost to create more potatoes, and of course the watering needs to be done.


With weather as warm and glorious as it has been over the last week or so, it's hard to believe it's still only Spring. These stunning double-daffodils are quick to remind us.

We did manage to get some of the seeds sown, but these have had to be put into the coldframe in the Wildlife Garden as we haven't had our greenhouse erected yet (and mine is full-to-bursting)

We concentrated today on sowing sweet peas, sunflowers and pumpkins. The latter we hope will feature in the school's Harvest Festival and Halloween Disco.

Pumpkin - Jack O'Lantern


This cheeky chappy shows us how hard the hanging baskets have been working over the last few months. In the next few, they will be replaced with summer bedding. Lets hope they have just as lovely weather as the Pansies have enjoyed.


  1. How big an area do you have? we only have four small beds. At our school today we did two hanging baskets filled with Nasturtiums, and lots of watering, our strawberries have started flowering and the kids were quite excited by this.

  2. Well, ours is kinda spread out.
    We have an area outside the offices, where the Jasmine was cut back over the holidays. It's also the courtyard where our hanging baskets are. Above the courtyard is a bed, which backs onto the carpark.
    There's a huge bed in front of the Junior side of the campus, and above this is where most of our containers crop.
    Lastly of course is the Wildlife Garden which is large enough for a full size tree, a couple of saplings, a pond, two coldframes and a storage box.
    It sounds like you're a few weeks ahead of us up here.