Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Autumn Colour

Summer can often seem a bit of a let down, but Autumn never disappoints us. It's always wet and windy, and this week has been no exception.
All good for the gardens.

More tidying up to be done and more planting.

The hanging baskets are filled with the jewels that are Winter Pansies.

And filling out the spaces in the Veg-e-tables.

Beneath these bedding plants lie the bulbs for Spring colour.

Among the pansies, the Busy Beez have planted some ornamental cabbages. These tolerate the winters extremely well, and often the colour intensifies as the the temperature drops.

And finally our crop of potatoes. The Y2 children will be using some of these for various experiments in the coming days.

Warmer weather is coming our way over the weekend. An 'Indian Summer' perhaps?  Maybe a final barbecue before packing it away - don't forget to collect your Morrisons 'Lets Grow' vouchers!