Tuesday, 12 July 2011

End of Another Year

And time for the harvest.  It's like a treasure hunt, digging for golden potatoes

Haven't the Busy Beez done well?  We have a nice healthy harvest of potatoes, peas, onions and garlic.

We've had so much success with the tomato plants that the Busy Beez have sold a great deal of plants to raise money for gardening essentials such as compost.  They sold like the proverbial hot cakes.  We still have a lot of plants in the sandpit that will soon begin to form fruit.  Yes, tomoatoes are fruit!  They have seeds inside, which vegetables do not have.

Yet more potatoes, these will be harvested in the autumn.

Watering is all important even if it's been raining, this is because the foliage of the plants can cover the soil below like an umbrella, keeping off the rain.  It is also the favoured task for the Beez.

The young tree saplings are strong and healthy.  Soon to be planted out.

Have a wonderful summer holiday.  If you've bought a tomato plant or two, do take photographs of your own harvest, and we'll add them to the blog!

Lazy Summer Days

There's still time to plant for some late summer - autumn colour.  Among these young seedlings are Calendular, also known as Marigolds.  Bright colour that will hopefully be in full swing for our return in September.

A large meadow isn't always necessary for some insect-friendly blooms.

These brightly coloured begonias have interesting leaves, as do the pelargoniums.  A warm greeting to the school entrance, I think you'll agree.

More Pelargoniums in the hanging baskets


Below the office, these tiny 'Pinks' flowers pack a scented punch of cloves.

Mr B with a couple of our Buzy Beez working hard to maintain the borders.

But there's always time to seek out the other residents in the garden.

The car park border is coming into its own again

If only we had smelly-vision!