Friday, 17 December 2010

Wintery Close

Did you know that it has been one of the coldest starts to winter since records began?  Usually the worst of our winter weather is in January and February, so it came of a bit of a surprise, when in November, winter arrived early.

We have broken records here in Sheffield. 28th November saw record minumum temperatures of  -7.2 C in the centre of Sheffield. On 1st December, the depth of level snow was recorded as 38cm in the city centre. Shooter's Grove managed a little more, as we're higher up. We measured 46cm!  This is the deepest December snow since records began in 1882.

Thick snow and ice may have caused chaos in many parts of Britain, but the Beez have been as busy as ever in the garden.

There have been leaves to clear and bag up to make leaf mould. Beans and onions have been sown, and coming along nicely in the cold frame.

This photo really doesn't do justice to this stunning cotoneaster, heavily laden with it's crimson berries.

Evergreens take the centre stage now in the carpark bed. The papery flowerheads of the hydrangeas will stay on over winter to protect the emerging buds.

As this is being written, it is the calm before the storm. Tomorrow we are due significant snowfalls once more. But thankfully, we break up for the holidays today.

Merry Christmas!