Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Week 4

The growing doesn't stop for the Easter holidays. I took the trays of seeds home to care for in my greenhouse, as our new one at school hasn't been erected yet.

On the left here we have the lettuce, which although today have been thinned a little, they will clearly need thinning at least once more, but that will be a job when the seedlings return to school.
On the right is the tray of Marigolds which are just starting to appear.

This lone little seedling is one of the beans tentatively emerging from it's nice warm toilet-roll-tube home. I'm confident it's siblings will soon join it.
There are of course Nasturtiums yet to germinate.

The Busy Beez have had a delivery today from the BBC who are again running their 'Dig In' campaign. Four packets of Grow Your Own Grub seeds arrived, along with stickers and booklet.

We have Salad Leaves, French Beans, Courgettes and Carrots. All are suitable for growing in pots and containers.
The BBC's Dig In campaign isn't just for school or community groups, these seed-growing packs are available for encouraging families to grow veg at home too.

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  1. Oh wow, its looking good. I didn't know about the BBC's dig in, I'll have to look into that for our school.