Friday, 7 May 2010

Week 8

SATS are looming, but the growing doesn't appreciate these things. The weather shall we say has been changeable, and so cold at times you could be forgiven for thinking it was March again!
The daffodils are still doing their upmost to drag the season along, but there is a bit of a lull in the Shooter's Grove gardens. We have had some pretty cold nights up here so most of the young plants are still being cosseted in my greenhouse, and the coldframe.

Unfortunately, these plants do need to be potted up to give the plants some room to grow and some air to circulate if they are to thrive. If left in their seedling trays they would become overcrowded, and botrytis grey mould will soon take a hold. This could very well wipe out the whole of your seasons crop if allowed to develop.

The best of the lettuce has been transplanted into larger modules. They look a little limp here, but once they've recovered from being potted up, they'll perk back up.

These are our marigold seedlings

And here we have recently potted up dahilas, tomatoes and some of the marigolds.

Lets hope the next couple of weeks will bring better conditions so we can prepare the containers to plant out the hardiest of our crops!


  1. I love marigolds, weve not really done much in the way of flowers in our school garden, we planted some lettuce seeds, radish and spring onions this week and topped up the potatoes with compost.

  2. I wish the weather would warm up Tanya. It's so cold up here, and our little garden is waiting for all these lovely little plants to fill it.