Thursday, 9 September 2010

Harvest Time

And the Big Clean up begins.

Old foliage is being tidied away, and fallen leaves and compost swept up.

The huge 'courgette' is harvested, and some of the cherry tomatoes picked

There are still lots of tomatoes to be harvested, and once all the courgette foliage has been cleared away, the sunshine can help ripen them.

As it's a brand new year, we have a brand new team of Y2's in the Busy Beez Gardening Club. Over the Summer, the crops have been ripening, and at last the children have something to show for all the hard work put in.

Can I take a moment to mention that the 'Let's Grow' campaign has begun in Morrison's stores and we would greatly appreciate the vouchers. The children can either hand them into the teacher, or you can pop into the Parent's Room (the 'Hut' beside the Nursery), where our hardworking team of parent volunteers will collect them.

Thank you.

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