Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Looking to the Future

Autumn. A time to plant for the following seasons. The last of the Pumpkin plants removed, and it's time to get your hands dirty and bury Daffodils.

The Busy Beez have chosen various dwarf Narcissi, or miniature Daffodils. They don't look much right now, but in the coldest months, these little packages of sunshine will push their way through to bloom and cheer on the dullest of days.

In the centre of each of these containers the Beez planted a small Hebe. Over the coming months, and even years, these beautiful shrubs will attract bees and butterflies.

Elsewhere in the garden, and the blue Hydrangea is still flowering away...

and the rose hips are flushing up a lovely colour in the carpark bed.

The Cotoneaster is providing a fantastic display with it's crimson berries in the Junior bed.

While the last of the peppers and tomatoes ripen in the Veg-e-tables beyond

Looking to the future once more, the cheery clown-faces of these Pansies will soon be filling out the spaces before the Daffodils appear.

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