Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Week 23

Our lovely caretaker has been watering our crops, and they have really responded!

Our pumpkin patch isn't quite sure of what it wants to produce. Pumpkins were certainly planted, but what is cropping is anyone's guess!

The young tree has been cut down in the Junior Bed, making it a very different looking space.

In the Junior 'Veg-e-tables' we definitely planted courgettes, but if you're not quick enough at picking them, they very quickly grow into marrows!

And what about this whopper! If we don't manage to grow anything resembling a fat orange pumpkin for the Halloween Disco, maybe this fellow can be carved into a Hulk or Frankenstein!!

More French Beans and Runners were harvested. These ones found homes with 'Ann' and the ladies at Stannington Library.

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