Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Week 21

So much can happen so quickly as this time of the year. What appeared as something tiny last week, is now big enough to pick!

With plenty more to pick in the future. These are Courgette 'Black Beauty' from the BBC's Dig In campaign.

We shall have to cut some of the large leaves on the courgette plants back soon to allow what sun we do get to ripen the tomatoes growing behind. In the meantime, all the male flowers were removed.

Look at the size of some of these leaves!

French beans, from the same campaign are beginning to crop

We have also begun to harvest the runner beans

Healthy tomato doing it's thing

Looking suspiciously like a courgette, this is supposed to be a pumpkin. Time will tell

Pumpkin with end rot.

Male flowers were picked off, to leave a couple of swelling fruits per plant.

Less rain and a little more sunshine is needed now.

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