Friday, 30 July 2010

Week 20

It's eerily quiet in the Shooter's Grove gardens. School's out but there is still so much happening in the garden. Watering of course is a must, but since we've broken up blackflies have moved into one of the pumpkin patches. These were rubbed off between finger and thumb, not a pleasant task, but a necessary one to help keep the numbers down on the forming flowers, behind each a bulbous swelling is forming which will hopefully bring fruit large enough to carve for Hallowe'en.

We shall only allow two or three pumkins to form in each patch. This should allow the plants concentrate their energy into creating larger pumpkins.

The heady scent of these lillies fills the air. Perhaps in subsequent years, they will open before the school break for Summer to be fully appreciated.

The fuschia's are at full pelt, with clusters of tiny ballerina flowers dangling gracefully from each stem.

Our Beans are close to begin the harvest.

And the tomatoes are swelling nicely. There are peppers in this container too, showing off their small white flowers.

A small courgette is beginning to form behind this flower.

And finally, the Junior bed is taking on a fiery glow as the Crocosmia's begin to unfurl their molten orange petals.

Sunshine and showers. Perfect for the gardens, not so perfect for Summer Holidays!

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