Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Week 18

The Busy Beez' attention was focused on the Junior flowerbeds this week.
Jostling for position among the Hardy Geranium foliage and the Potentilla shrub with it's acid yellow blooms, the swelling orange buds of the Crocosmias have begun to appear.

The recent rainfall has been a welcome treat for all of the plants, which have in turn responded by putting on a bit of a growth spurt. There is a downside to the warm and wet weather though, being favourable conditions of weeds too. Weeds that need removing before flowering, setting seed and taking over the flowerbeds.

Each morning while waiting for the day to begin, there have been a group of Y2 boys eagerly investigating the large hummocks of foliage in the Veg-e-tables for signs of flowers. Whilst there is still no sign on the pumpkin plants, there have been a number of yellow blooms on the courgette plants. Unfortunately so far these flowers have all been male, and need removing as it is the female flowers that have the courgettes forming behind each bloom. Once the female flowers begin to arrive then we shall leave a couple of the male flowers on to pollinate them. It's not a necessity to remove them, but I find it speeds up the production a little.

The next job for the Busy Beez was to plant the tomatoes donated by our Crossing Warden. An old wooden sandpit filled with compost provided the perfect home for these cordon varieties, which as they grow will need supporting with canes.

After the rains, lets hope for some more sunshine now to ripen our crops before the end of term.  We're never satisfied with our weather are we?

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