Friday, 4 February 2011

New Beginnings

The wind is howling through the trees as this entry is being written.  Winter still has it's icy fingers wrapped tightly around the gardens of Shooter's Grove Primary School, with no intentions of releasing any time soon.

But something is stirring beneath the cold hard ground.  Something that was planted long ago, and forgotten about. Bulbs.

Around about now, these little patches of bright green seem to pop up overnight, and in a matter of weeks will be braving the chill to put on their welcoming display.

Talking of braving the chill, take a peek at this brighlty coloured polyanthus.   In a trough at the entrance to the yard, it almost demands attention from the infants as they arrive for school.

A few new arrivals to the garden look on expectantly.

More cheerful faces.  These pansies aren't at all shy nestled in amongst the hebes.

Of course the Busy Beez gardening club is not all about flowers.  We grow produce too, and this is a great time to catch up with what's been quietly getting on with it in the cold frame.  Onions.  Don't they look fab?

The beans unfortunately struggled through the heavy snowfalls and sustained sub-zero temperatures, but the onions planted outside in the old sandpit are more than making up for it!

And last but not least, this ornamental cabbage just had to have a look-in.  The colder temperatures, the more vivid the colour.  It's a real beauty!

It's difficult to imagine wamer temperatures and enough sunshine to get the garden into full bloom once more, but it is on it's way, slowly.  Each day the sun climbs just a little higher in the sky.  The sun sets just that little bit later.  Spring is just around the corner.

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